Dubai Airport — Terminal 1

It is the busiest airport in the Middle East. This sparkling airport is well-known for its state-of-the-art facilities, and for being the home-base for its own airline, Emirates. Those en route or looking to enjoy a layover, will be pleasantly surprised at what the airport can offer.

Shoppers will be happy at this airport. Dubai Duty Free is essentially a mall, and offers travelers the chance to purchase popular brands at competitive prices. Casa de Havana offers shoppers an excellent selection of liquor and tobacco, especially choice Cuban cigars. Also, all the big sports manufacturers are well-represented, as are the major electronics brands. Besides these options, shoppers will also find stores focusing on perfume, gold and jewelry, sunglasses, women’s and men’s fashion, crystal, leather goods, music, books and even toys for the little ones.

Terminal 1 of the airport offers visitors the five-star Dubai International Hotel. Having a hotel inside the airport is a plus for travelers, especially as the hotel offers very affordable, hourly rates for those looking to catch a catnap and freshen up a bit during a short layover.

On the departures level of the airport there is the airport food court. Those with a grumbling stomach will be pleased to find a variety of choices, including both fine dining and fast food chains. International cuisine is well represented here with establishments serving Indian, Lebanese, French and even Chinese and Mongolian Barbecue. Fast food lovers will spot familiar icons such as McDonalds, Starbucks and Round Table Pizza. Additionally, the main restaurant in the concourse, Safar, offers Pint 19, a bar, a buffet area and also an a la carte section. Lastly, there is a traditional Irish Pub for those craving fish and chips.

The best part in this airport is that one does not feel bore and can easily spend hours of lay over time by visiting various shops, and food joints.There are so many people around at any point of time here in Dubai airport.

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