Mumbai Attacked Again, What for?

The serial bomb blast attacks again on Mumbai, yesterday, were not only cowardly but also very dastardly acts. It is only a human being amongst all the animals can do like this on its own species. This is hardly known what objectives do such acts accomplish!

It is said that the date 13 is probably some code for a terrorist group called Indian Mujahideen. Their attacks have been on 13th days of the months! No religion of the world propagates killing of innocent people. These are possible only at the height of insanity. Such acts are a shame on the people or the group of people who planned it and executed it.

My heart bleeds for the poor family members of the victims and also for those who were hurt in these blasts. May the Almighty give them the strength to overcome the grief, the shock and the pain. May the God also give some sanity to those who masterminded these attacks and executed them. Also, Indian government needs to be extra vigilant to avoid such mishaps. Security lapses must be investigated and the necessary steps should be taken immediately to prevent such incidents.

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