Dinner Invitation from the Indian Ambassador

Last night I received a call from Mr. Sankara Subbu of Indian Embassy. He conveyed the invitation of the Indian Ambassador for dinner tonight. So, I went to the residence of the Indian Ambassador.

There were many other people also like Mr. Hariharan of Mukul Industries. The dinner is primarily hosted to thank us who actively participated and worked on with the Embassy to make the CII delegation meaningful and a success. The Indian delegation returned happy and satisfied.

There were Principal Correspondent, Ramu Patil and a photographer from The Week magazine in India. They have come to Iraq for feature article on Iraq.

We had some whiskey with samosas and fish fingers. In the dinner there was Biryani, Chicken masala, paneer curry, gobi, raita followed by fruits. It was nice.

The Ambassador is proceeding on vacation to India on Diwali from tomorrow.

The first secretary of the Embassy invited us for dinner and cards game on Diwali.

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