A wave of apparently co-ordinated 14 explosions struck during the height of morning rush hour in Baghdad, has killed around 60 people and injured nearly 200, as reported by various news agencies.

The bomb attacks are the worst in months and follow the withdrawal of US troops, which may be a mere coincidence. Some of my bank colleagues escaped the explosions while coming to the bank in the morning. They were lucky as the bombs exploded just after they crossed the location. One explosion was quite close to our bank and it shook the doors and windows.

Iraq’s year-old power-sharing government is in turmoil after an arrest warrant was issued this week for Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi on terror charges. These seemingly coordinated explosions are raising fears about the security situations in the country amid political upheaval that threatens to undo Iraq’s government.

I strongly condemn any type of terrorist attacks that targets innocent men, women, and children. May the soul of the dead victims rest in peace and the wounded victims recover soon.