Chana Chaat at Main Road, Ranchi

It is a leap year day – February 29. We went to GEL Church Complex, Main Road to buy some clothes etc for me and Jaya. Jaya also bought some clothes for her Baghdad friends – Lina, Rafeef, Sarah, Teeba, Yussur and Walaa to be sent through me as gifts.

It was afternoon and we decided to go for a movie. Both Jaya & I are movie buffs. We love to watch movies. So, we planned to go for – Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. It was also beginning shortly at Glitz just across the road. We preferred to have some chana chaat before going for the movie as a snack and then will have some popcorns and cold drink in the movie hall as a substitute for the lunch.

Chana Chat at Main Road, Ranchi

The chana chaat was quite tasty. I love to have such things from the roadside vendors for the most authentic taste and favour!

Published by Indrajit Roy Choudhury

Banker. Husband. Father. Passionate about my work and in love with my family.

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  1. Yes, we loved everything because we were together!



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