Chana Chaat at Main Road, Ranchi

It is a leap year day – February 29. We went to GEL Church Complex, Main Road to buy some clothes etc for me and Jaya. Jaya also bought some clothes for her Baghdad friends – Lina, Rafeef, Sarah, Teeba, Yussur and Walaa to be sent through me as gifts.

It was afternoon and we decided to go for a movie. Both Jaya & I are movie buffs. We love to watch movies. So, we planned to go for – Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. It was also beginning shortly at Glitz just across the road. We preferred to have some chana chaat before going for the movie as a snack and then will have some popcorns and cold drink in the movie hall as a substitute for the lunch.

Chana Chat at Main Road, Ranchi

The chana chaat was quite tasty. I love to have such things from the roadside vendors for the most authentic taste and favour!

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