Lockdown in Baghdad for Arab Summit

Iraq’s government has locked down Baghdad ahead of this week’s Arab League Summit, throwing up a maze of security checkpoints and roadblocks as it seeks to protect the capital from insurgent attacks.

The summit is being held for the first time in Iraq after 1990, and a successful meeting would allow the incumbent government to show the country is pulling back from years of violence and upheaval months after the last U.S. troops left.

Entire streets in Baghdad have been closed down, SWAT teams have been combing the city, the government has declared a five-day public holiday in Baghdad from today. Helicopters are seen spanning the Baghdad sky for maintenance of security and to avoid any embarrassing terror incident just ahead of the summit.

However, all our bank branches situated outside Baghdad are working as normal days. So, they need normal IT and system support for their normal functioning. As such, we have decided to run these two departments with minimal people staying near the office. I am also attending the office during this week for oversight of the support and for necessary assistance and guidance.


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