First dawn of 2013 in Baghdad; Facebook is pushing back photo to 2012

I woke up at my regular time at 6.00am as I forgot to turn off the daily morning alarm, today being a holiday. Then I thought of seeing the first dawn on 2013. At around 7.00am, I went to the terrace to witness the first dawn and the first Sun of the New Year.

First dawn of 2013 in Baghdad

I posted the picture on my Facebook and changed the time to 7.00am. Later I found to my utter surprise that the photo is dated as 01 January 2012! I tried to edit the date to 2013. But that was not possible as the drop down list does not have 2013! So, my most recent picture is pushed back by one year. It seems that for Facebook, 2013 is yet to arrive. This I did not expect from Facebook.

I tweeted this failure and also put this as a status update on my Facebook. I checked Twitter and found that there were other people also who have tweeted on this failure of service. Now, I am waiting for Facebook to fix this so that I will then correct the date of the picture on the timeline.

2013 is the first year after 1987 to have all different numbers. We wish happy New Year to all the readers.

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