Maa is out of ICU today

Maa is not able to take radiations for more than three consecutive days. After three days she is becoming very sick. This time she became serious after her radiations on Saturday. Her blood pressure was dropping, pulse was increasing. On the advice of the doctor she was moved to ICU for better monitoring and stabilizing her conditions.

Her ECG was okay. The blood tests showed that serum sodium, serum potassium and blood sugar were below normal. Immediately she was put on IV medications for restoring these to normal levels.

By the grace of the God, the blood test results today showed that she is near normal. She is today back to her old room,

The oncologist informed us that there is positive improvement after radiation treatment. Thank God! She said that she would like to complete 20 doses now and then she will discharge maa for 2 weeks. Maa has got 14 doses of radiations, so far. After 2 week rest, she will administer 10 more radiation doses.

I am just praying that my maa gets better now.

Mother’s radiotherapy resumed after a week

Last week, mother’s health deteriorated as a result of first week’s radiotherapy and other cancer treatments. She developed swelling on her neck. She started vomiting and spitting out very thick saliva accompanied by diarrhoea, fever, cough and fatigue.

The doctor suspended the radiation therapy and put her on medication for her infections and other complications. To restore her health became a matter of concern. Initially, mother was responding well and we were quite happy at that. But last week’s development distressed us and we were at loss of our wits; just praying to the Almighty for His help. My dad and brother were getting restive and have started losing hopes. During this time, my husband stood by me. He has immense faith on the God. He was giving me the strength through phone conversations. Whenever I am losing my patience, he gives me the strength and tells me to have faith in the God. His words are having magical touch as I derive strength from his talks. Thanks, Jeet!

From day before yesterday, we could see improvements in her. Yesterday morning the oncologist said that her condition was much improved and my mother could resume her radiation therapy soon. Thank God! I am feeling a bit relaxed that her main treatment will resume. Yes, her radiation therapy restarted from today again.

I am praying constantly that she can continue with her treatment, as scheduled and gets better to walk back home. May the God bless us all!

Biotherapy started on mother today

We admitted mother to Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital in Allahabad on Friday, May 3, 2013 for check up. Dr. Radha Rani Ghosh, Oncologist checked her and admitted to hospital. She conducted CT Scan etc to identify and mark the area to be covered for radiotherapy.

Saturday & Sunday were cooling period due to weekend. Mother was just under general observation in the hospital. Dr. Ghosh came in the morning for check up and advised to start with the first dose of biotherapy.

Most of her veins are not easily visible for putting IV cannula, it’s always a tension filled exercise to search and find a suitable vein so that the nurses could insert the cannula. Today, they found and insert it in her finger. The biotherapy injection is administered through normal saline solution. Today’s dose is complete and mother seems to be comfortable. Also, now she is under the influence of the drugs that made her sleepy.

I am sitting by her side watching the injections flowing into her veins and praying for her recovery. My dad is also here. He is coming inside the room for some time and then sitting outside as he cannot tolerate Air-conditioning. Poor dad!

Tomorrow, mother will go for radiotherapy. We all are a bit worried for that and hoping that she can tolerate the radiations and there may not be any harmful serious side effect. We are all the more worried as she could not digest the chemotherapy administered on her last month. She complained of severe heart pain and she had to be then shifted to a heart hospital for her intensive care.

At Allahabad to see my ailing mother-in-law

After the first day of chemotherapy, my mother-in-law fell very sick. She was complaining of severe heartache. The doctor treating her for cancer removed the chemotherapy and continued with some other injections. After 3 days, she was referred to a heart hospital in Allahabad. The doctor there found that she was suffering from recurring angina. She was kept on ICU for her intensive treatment.

It seems that her condition is very serious. Jaya is crying in private whenever I call her. Her father, brothers were all in grim mood. So, I decided to pay a visit to them and to see my mother-in-law.

I left Baghdad yesterday morning for Allahabad. Babai also wanted to see her granny. So, we made a joint programme that would meet at Varanasi airport and from there, we will there we will travel to Allahabad in a cab.

After 6 days of treatment there, the heart specialist referred her back to Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital, which is also housing the Regional Cancer Center. My mother-in-law was shifted to Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital in the morning today.

Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital, Allahabad

I reached Varanasi airport at around 3 pm via Delhi and Abu Dhabi, while Babai arrived there at around 5 pm.

Abu Dhabi airport
Waiting to catch the flight for Varanasi at Terminal 1D of Delhi airport
Waiting to catch the flight for Varanasi at Terminal 1D of Delhi airport

Then we proceeded for Allahabad. We decided to go straight to the hospital. Due to Ram Navami celebrations today, we reached Allahabad at 9 pm. It’s a long 36 hour journey for me and I was yet to reach home!

Having beer while waiting for Babai at Varanasi airport

My mother-in-law started crying as she saw her. She was very grim and sad. Babai & I talked to her for quite some time and pepped her up. She actually lost all hopes as she knew that she’s suffering from cancer, which is at 4th stage.

Thank God, I could manage to infuse confidence and faith in her that she can survive… and stay well as long as she is destined to live on this earth.

We returned home at 11 pm after Jaya’s elder brother came to the hospital. It’s a long journey for me and I am dead tired.

My mother-in-law is diagnosed of cancer

My mother-in-law was sick for some time. We went to Allahabad in February earlier this year on the occasion of Maha Kumbh Mela. That time, we saw her quite okay and active. She also came to see us off at Varanasi airport all the way from Allahabad. May be, she was then hiding her discomfort from all of us.

After we returned from there, we were hearing that she is having some problems in swallowing her foods. My father-in-law took her to a doctor, who detected some tumour in her throat. Also, there were lots of fungal infections around and on her tongue also. We all were very worried as the doctor suggested for biopsy to check for malignancy.

Jaya, my wife, also rushed to Allahabad from Ranchi to be with her mother. But, as her problem was mounting and anti-biotic injections were not yielding results, the doctor advised her to be admitted to the hospital on March 12. Due to the care and treatment at Kamla Nehru Hospital in Allahabad, her infections subsided and she was discharged from the Hospital on March 20. She was given some medicines to be taken. The doctor advised for her check up after a week from discharge.

Jaya’s father & brother took her mother to the doctor for check up last week after the Holi festival. The doctor conducted CT Scan and some other culture tests. The reports were available today. Jaya’s father & brother went to consult the doctor with the reports at the hospital. The doctor confirmed that she has carcinoma and that’s in advanced stage.

The news was shocking to all of us. Jaya started crying immediately on hearing it. Thank God, Babai is in house for about a week. He consoled her. Of course, my father-in-law is totally shocked. I talked to him after returning from office for quite long.

The doctor advised to immediately commence chemotherapy and radiotherapy to be repeated on her after every three weeks for 3-4 times. She has to be admitted to the hospital for 3 / 4 days while she will have her treatments. Jaya is leaving Ranchi for Allahabad on April 8. I booked her travel tickets.

Let’s pray that she recovers after the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Diabetics: Metformin may protect against cancer

Metformin, a well-tolerated drug prescribed for diabetics, may also protect against liver cancer, says a new study. Metformin increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. It is one of the most widely used diabetes drugs.

The study, led by Geoffrey Girnun, assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, looks at the effect of Metformin in cancer prevention and is one of the first to evaluate liver cancer.

He and his colleagues chemically induced liver tumours in mice. These mice taking Metformin displayed minimal tumour activity, while the control mice (not given Metformin) displayed significant tumour growth, said a university statement.

Girnun’s team also showed that Metformin prevented liver cancer in part by inhibiting lipid synthesis in the liver, a process known to promote cancer.

Another study in mice exposed to tobacco carcinogens shows that the drug can reduce the development of lung tumours by more than 70%, and results from a small clinical trial in Japan suggest it can reduce rates of colorectal tumours in humans. The National Cancer Institute is now organizing a clinical trial to test the drug in people who smoke, and other trials are testing it against breast and prostate cancer.

Well, this is good news for all those, who are unfortunate like me suffering from diabetes and taking Metformin daily. Hope, that it truly proves to be a good cancer preventive medicine. Amen!