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Car broke down on the road

As per the Iraqi visa rules, we have to undergo a blood test for AIDS and report to Iqama office about our return to Iraq. When they issue the exit & re-entry visa, they take the Residency ID and return it back to us upon our reporting them with blood test certificate. This procedure is […]

Diwali in Allahabad

Jit left for Baghdad to resume his duties. Babai left a week before Jit. Naturally, I would be feeling very sad, so Jit planned for my visit to Allahabad to my parent’s house for 10 days, so that I can attend Diwali, Kali Puja and Bhai phota there. Boudi and I spent the Kali puja […]

Tremor hits Sikkim again on anniversary

A 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit Sikkim today exactly a year after an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale causing widespread devastation, killing around 80 people and leaving about 350 injured. Coincidentally, today’s tremors were felt within 15 minutes of the time of last year’s earthquake. It seems that the Mother Nature was observing the […]

There was no power in the evening!!

Today at around 4.45 pm, the power went off. We have 24 hour generator backup at our residence, it being inside the office compound. Normally the generator starts almost immediately. Today also it was to start almost immediately, but it didn’t. I waited for it for sometime but it didn’t. It is a bit unusual. […]

Earthquake jolts Sikkim

A severe earthquake rocked Sikkim on Sunday evening resulting in at least 20 deaths and injuries to several others. The earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter Scale which hit the east and Northeast region, was the biggest in 20 years. The epicentre of the quake was 64 km from Gangtok in Sikkim, causing major damages […]

Mumbai attacked again, what for?

The serial bomb blast attacks again on Mumbai, yesterday, were not only cowardly but also very dastardly acts. It is only a human being amongst all the animals can do like this on its own species. This is hardly known what objectives do such acts accomplish! It is said that the date 13 is probably some code for […]

My bed crashed last night :-(

Last night while I was asleep, suddenly my bed crashed down in the middle of night. Thank God, I was not injured. Then I managed the night sleeping on the bed balancing on two small tables. I had one such table in my room and brought another from our living room downstairs. In the morning, […]

New Battery for my laptop not getting charged

The adapter/charger of my laptop burnt off on 20/10/2010 when the AC power came back. Zaid of IT Department was there at that time. I asked for its replacement to IT Helpdesk via email. He brought the replacement on next day on 21/10/2010. It is working since then. However, the charger is not the original […]

Twin car bomb attack on our office

There were twin suicidal car bomb attacks on the Head Office of Trade Bank of Iraq, Baghdad at around 11.00 am today. I was at the basement of the building. As usual, it was a normal business day, being the first day of the week. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion and false ceilings and […]

Ranchi to Hazaribagh

On the day of Diwali eve, we set for Hazaribagh from Ranchi. My uncle & Aunt-in law stay there. We started in my Maruti car. We had traveled to far off places like Kolkata, Puri, Allahabad, Lucknow in that same car. It never gave me any trouble. But on that fateful evening, we were faced […]

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