“Good bye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be.”


Prasad Resigns from TBI

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Our Indian colleague Prasad resigns today from TBI. He first joined TBI in 2006 and then left in October 2007, after my joining TBI in August 2007. Prasad again joined TBI in April 2008. After the UAT for Equation is completed in Beirut, Prasad started working from my next table since September 2009. In the new Back Office & Equation Room, he was sitting next to me.

The Back Office & Equation team has today brought a cake for his farewell. Prasad gave some good contributions towards successful implementation of Equation. He said that he has resigned for his family reasons. He has finalized marriage of his daughter. He is leaving Baghdad tomorrow for Mumbai.

We will miss him in the Bank and I will also miss him in the house. He was staying in the room just adjacent to my room.


We Will Miss You, Aliaa

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After I joined Trade Bank of Iraq as Banking Consultant I got in touch with Mrs. Aliaa Shikara, Assistant Manager at Suleymania branch through Yahoo! messenger for official reasons.

Yahoo! messenger is being widely used in Trade Bank of Iraq for discussing official issues as a means of communication. She was introduced by Ronaldo Trinidad. I saw her first time when we went to Bangalore for Business Analysis for the Core Banking Solution – Equation 3.9 – a Misys product. After that, we have met a few times in Baghdad.

She is a nice and friendly lady. We became friends also because that she can speak English well, which is not so common in Iraq. We became good friends when we went for Business Analysis at Beirut for Equation.

She has a very good child-like heart. We enjoyed her innocent, sometimes a bit eccentric acts. It was her innocent, child like demand at 11.00pm to  accompany her on a walk! She was such a crazy woman! Even, we drove to Junieh at midnight for a cup of coffee besides the Mediterranean Sea! We, however, enjoyed the idea, the drive, the coffee that we repeated it again. Also, I used to tell her many harsh words even for official matters, but she never felt it bad. She is a real nice friend.

With Aliaa and her brother in Byblos (Lebanon)

She has resigned from Trade Bank of Iraq as she and her family are migrating to US. Before joining Trade Bank of Iraq, she was working with some US agencies after the US led invasion to Iraq and that helped her in getting the US visa.

She is leaving for US on September 19, 2010 with her family. She came to visit the house of our very special friends and colleagues – Teeba and Ouss last evening. They called me at their house to bid Aliaa and her family farewell.

With families of Aliaa & Teeba in Baghdad

We had coffee and snacks together. We all chatted and then bid them farewell. It is nice that they are migrating to a better country, but an unknown domain, alien culture. It is a new beginning for them. They have to look for house, jobs for them and schools for kids. The most difficult part is to find a good job in US especially now in this time of recession and layoffs. Things are going to be quite difficult for them.

I wish Aliaa and her family good luck. We will miss you, Aliaa!


Rajoo Krishnan Leaves TBI & Baghdad

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One of our Indian colleague, Rajoo Krishnan, working as a consultant in Letters of Guarantee department has resigned from our Bank – Trade Bank of Iraq and is returning to India tomorrow. We used to call him Kakaji fondly.

He is a nice old man and is senior to all of us in age. He was a good cook too! He used to prepare exotic South Indian dishes like Idli, Dosa, Medhu vada, Uthappam, pongal etc. We brought a cake for his farewell. He is leaving Baghdad tomorrow. He cut the cake.

It was followed by whiskey and then dinner – Dosa prepared by Kakaji.

We will not only miss you Kakaji, but also the dishes. Have a pleasant and healthy retired life, Kakaji!