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Jarawa women forced to dance for food — what a shame!

In what is a glaring evidence of what tourism has reduced the indigenous Jarawa tribe in the Andaman Islands to, a recent video released by the UK-based daily The Guardian, has been the centre of outrage. It shows females of the tribe — some bare chested, and one naked, trying to cover herself with a […]

Unusual bravery or needless provocation?

While some have called her a heroine, others have opted for the term mentally ill. But however you see her, 20-year-old university drop-out Aliaa Magda El-Mahdy has managed to become a household name in Egypt in just a couple of days by posting naked photographs of herself on social networking Internet sites and sparked a […]

Sila ki jawani!

In late 2010, one song – “Shila ki jawani” of a Hindi movie “Tees Maar Khan”, became a hot favorite with the Indian population. This song was on lips of almost everybody. This song/dance got some awards in India, also. Now, in 2011, there is another Sila, who is buzzing nowadays. She is Sila Sahin. […]


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