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Three opportunities for banks

Ernst & Young conducted a survey and their Global Consumer Banking Survey 2014 identified three key improvement areas for banks:  1.    Make banking simple and clear Consumers are constantly flooded with information and struggle to understand choices, charges and changes. To make banking easy for customers, banks should be transparent and concise around fees, rates, […]

Delhi airport is among best performing airports

FlightStats conducted a study at dozens of the world’s highest-traffic airports, examining thousands of flights from each during the month of June to see how frequently they left on time.  The more likely a flight from that airport was to leave on time, the better the airport could be said to perform. According to the […]

Are chocolates really heart-healthy!

A recent study that combined the results of 42 small clinical trials found that people fed chocolate or cocoa for a few weeks to months had small dips in their blood pressure and improved blood vessel function. On average, chocolate eaters shaved a couple of points from their blood pressure and they also had a […]

Metformin may protect against cancer

Metformin, a well-tolerated drug prescribed for diabetics, may also protect against liver cancer, says a new study. Metformin increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. It is one of the most widely used diabetes drugs. The study, led by Geoffrey Girnun, assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University Of Maryland School Of […]

Are we becoming nomophobes?

If you know the panicked and disconnected feeling of leaving your mobile phone at home, you might be one of the many suffering from nomophobia. Nomophobia (no-mobile-phobia) is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. A recent survey by U.K.-based mobile security service provider SecurEnvoy conducted among 1,000 people found that two-thirds (66%) […]

Did the Earth ever have two moons?

A new theory suggests the Earth once had a small second moon that perished in a slow motion collision with its “big sister”. Researchers suggest the collision may explain the mysterious mountains on the far side of our Moon. The scientists say the relatively slow speed of the crash was crucial in adding material to […]


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