There is a serene beach at Madhavpur on the road to Somnath from Dwarka. It lies on the seashore, close to Porbandar. We stopped here to enjoy the beach for a moment and to have a look around. There are a few shacks and some vendors in open selling green coconut. We had green coconut at the beach. The coconut water tasted sweet. […]

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Jaya was planning for pilgrimage to Dwarka, but it was getting deferred. We planned this time for our visit to Dwarka. Located on the west coast of Gujarat, Dwarka is known as Lord Krishna’s adobe. Dwarka, the holy land surrounded with the legends of Lord Krishna, is a significant pilgrimage site for the Hindus. The city lies in the westernmost part […]

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Gangasagar is a charming tourist destination, which attracts both pilgrims and adventure lovers. Located on an island in the Sunderbans, Gangasagar offers the charms of an un-spoilt beach on the estuary of the river Ganges. Gangasagar has acres of silver sand and clear blue sky, and the calm sea to spend the time in tranquillity. Gangasagar is about 135 km […]

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Byblos, Lebanon


Today, we had off-day from meetings. We will resume tomorrow again. It is still raining in Beirut. Rafeef, Waddah and I decided to hit the road for Byblos. I like going to Byblos; it is a journey down the history of civilization. Byblos is one of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It is believed to be founded in […]

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Harissa, Lebanon


Today, I visited Harissa, an important Lebanese pilgrimage site high above Jounieh, located at 650 meters altitude from the coast and 20 km distance from Beirut the capital city. We went up the hill by aerial lift — “Téléférique”. There’s a lovely view of Jounieh Bay as we go up the gondola. It attracts both pilgrims and tourists. The views of […]

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Old Lighthouse

Pondicherry is affectionately known as Pondy, and has been officially known by the alternative name Puducherry since 2006. It is a blend of spiritual aura, French colonial heritage, Tamil culture, virgin beaches and the cosmopolitan flair of many nationalities in a small but varied city. Pondicherry was designed on the French grid pattern and features neat sectors and perpendicular streets. […]

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Beautiful Beirut


We have reached Beirut for some official presentations. This is my first visit to Beirut. We have checked in Movenpick Hotel. It is just on the Mediterranean Sea. Lovely location! The room is also sea facing and the window is a huge glass window. I removed the curtains to have full view of the blue sea. Off the coast of […]

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