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Neo Veda spa

We arrived at Hotel Metropolitan, New Delhi in the afternoon from Hrishikesh. We had our lunch on the way. After some rest and a cup of tea, Jaya headed for massage at Neo Veda spa at the hotel. I went for a walk to Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. After prayers and having prasad, I returned to […]

Returning to Baghdad

Holiday period is over. Two weeks seem to be like just two days when I go on holidays and especially when I am with my wife and  son. Today, I am feeling more sad for Jaya as both Babai and I left yesterday. My flight for Delhi was in the afternoon and Babai started his […]

Massage at Neo Veda Spa

I was feeling for massage for quite some time. I could not get it done during my last visit to India. This time, I got some time due to delay in the visa formalities. I walked into the Neo Veda spa at the Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi, where I was staying. I opted for one […]

Relaxing at Kaya Kalp Spa

I started my journey from Baghdad to Ranchi on November 16 and reached Ranchi after more than 24 hours, thanks to lay over time and waiting time at the airports added with flight delay in the last leg. After that we went for a trip on November 20 to Pondicherry, Karaikal. At the end, on […]


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