My holidays were going to get over soon. We have just returned from our trip to Varanasi & Allahabad. I managed the holidays to include Babai’s birthday on the schedule. It was his 15th birth anniversary and the year was 2008.
Jaya cooked many dishes for Babai in the afternoon in our traditional Bengali style. We had lovely, sumptuous and delicious lunch for celebrating Babai’s birthday.
Also, we had our traditional kheer. In our Bengali families, kheer (payesh) is must on birthdays. We all fed Babai a spoon of the payesh and then left the remaining to him to finish.
Babai doesn’t want to have a big party on his birthdays. So, we kept it a close family affair this time. In the evening, I brought a nice cake for him.
After the cake cutting ceremony, we went to a hotel for dinner. Many happy returns of the day, Babai. Today, I am not with them remembering celebration from far away in Baghdad.

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