Sitting at home, I was recollecting our trip to Hazaribagh on Diwali eve in 2006. Uncle (Mesho) and auntie (Mejo) of Jaya stay in Hazaribagh, They are basically settled in Hazaribagh from generations. Hazaribagh is about 100 km from Ranchi.

Mesho was inviting us to their house since quite a time. So, we decided to be at their house for Diwali.

We reached here yesterday. We celebrate Kali puja on the night of Diwali. During the day, Mejo worships Lakshmi & Alakshmi.

Their one son Buban also joined us at Hazaribagh. He is presently posted in Dhanbad. They have a big house in Hazaribagh.

We had a nice time in Hazaribagh and enjoyed a lot. We will leave for Ranchi tomorrow after taking lunch. Mejo & Mesho were also very happy to have us with them on a festival time.
Jaya & I also got some time to rest there. They are all alone as both their sons are working outside Hazaribagh. Their younger son Tumpa is in New Delhi.

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