Finally rains come to Baghdad!

After a long spell of arid heat, the rainy season is finally here in Baghdad. The season’s arrival came with a moody and protracted prelude. The skies over Baghdad darkened dramatically a couple of days before the first drizzle.

Lightning flashed dramatically sometimes with thunders. Luckily, such huge sounds are only thunders, as when we hear such heavy sound in Baghdad, our hearts miss a beat … uff! Another bomb blast….means loss of precious, innocent lives.

The rain in Baghdad is all the more welcome as in a year; it receives a total rainfall of 4-5 inches, whereas the Indian deserts get an average of 39 inches of rains in a year.


Much of the rain in Baghdad doesn’t even make it to the plains, because of the area’s “cloud basis.” Put simply, this means that because of the dry atmosphere, there isn’t enough moisture to form clouds until much higher altitudes, and rain has farther to fall. Much of it evaporates before hitting the ground. Therefore, Baghdad receives its precipitations during the winter months of December and January.

It is raining today in Baghdad … so it is a day for celebrations! Cheers!

Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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