While returning today from Ranchi to Baghdad, Jagrata and Judhajit came with me up to Delhi. While we were getting out of the Indira Gandhi International airport, I just walked across the great Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan near the exit gate. He is a renowned Indian classical musician. He has been giving his performances internationally for 50 years! He has been awarded the second highest civilian honour – Padma Vibhushan in India.

I asked for his autograph and he smilingly obliged me.

Autograph of Amjad Ali Khan
Autograph of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

He is a very nice, gentle human being. Both I and my son approached him for his autograph, which he smilingly acceded to. During that short period, he not only asked me my name, but where do I belong to, what am I doing etc. I was awed by his personality. I had once the opportunity of attending his concert at Kolkata and that was a really marvelous experience, which I still cherish.

autograph of Amjad Ali Khan
Judhajit also took autograph of Amjad Ali Khan

There were a few more people who also accosted him for his autograph after us and he obliged everybody there before walking out of the airport.

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