Damdama Lake

While returning to Baghdad, Jaya and Babai came to Delhi to see me off. As the final School Leaving exam is very close by, we decided to stay in a hotel in Gurgaon, to avoid diversion. Sudeshna (Bubun) and Abheeroop came to see us in the day. Abheeroop decided to take us to Damdama lake. It is in between Gurgaon and Faridabad in Haryana.

Damdama Lake

We left for Damdama Lake from the Gurgaon hotel using the Google maps to find our way. We reached there in the lunch time. We were feeling hungry too. So, we first decided to have our lunch. It was a hot afternoon, so we preferred to have some beer before we took the lunch.

Let’s have lunch first…we are hungry

After sumptuous lunch in the restaurant run by Haryana Government, we went for a walk on the sideways of the lake. We also went for a short camel ride on the sideways, too.

Our camel ride – it’s Jaya’s first experience with camels

Then we went for boating on the lake It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed a lot.

Boat ride

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