Faraya Mzaar-Kfardebian

Mzaar-Kfardebian was founded in the late 1950s. There are 42 slopes and 80km of piste spread across three distinct valleys – named Wardeh, Jonction and Le Refuge – plus a number of ski schools and a wide variety of options for snowboarding, snow-shoeing, ski-touring, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. The skiing season in Lebanon is similar in length to that of the Alps stretching over a period of 4 months. The peaks of the Faraya Mzaar-Kfardebian mountain range vary between heights of 1913 and 2465 meters.


Today was our last day of meetings. After completing the closing session, we rushed to the mountain. It was a nice trip to the mountains. We spent some time there, had some snacks and pictures. Then we returned back to Beirut.









Tomorrow, we are returning back to Baghdad. Will be missing nice climate, nature and people of Lebanon. I like this country and also this is the only country in the world where one can ski on snow in the morning and swim in the waters of the Mediterranean in the afternoon.

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