Beirut to Baghdad

Returned to Baghdad from Beirut today by Middle East Airlines flight. It is about 1½ hour flight. We started off Mediterranean sea and crossed over Mount Lebanon’s snow capped peaks and slopes. Surprisingly the side opposite to Lebanon has no snow!


Almost the entire journey is over hot, dry, grey, barren desert. No sign of vegetation. While traveling by airplane, I was wondering how people of older times used to traverse such inhospitable terrain on horse or camels! Many must have lost the directions and reached somewhere else or met with death out of thirst and dehydration! Those were real lucky who could reach their destinations wandering in the desert for days, waiting for the sunset to get some respite from the hot scorching sun during their journey.

Thank God, we have airplanes nowadays with all navigational facilities, satellite tracking, Air Traffic control, etc to be on the route and cover the distance of around 900 kilometers in just around 90 minutes.

Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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