Thunderstorm in Baghdad!

It was 5.16 pm in the afternoon, I saw out of the window that some clouds are gathering on the sky. I just casually uploaded this photo from my mobile to my Facebook with a comment – “May the clouds bring some rain.” For the last two days the weather in Baghdad was getting warmer. I thought that some drizzle, that we normally call rain in Baghdad, will cool down the temperature for the next few days. I did not know then that the clouds will bring a thunderstorm after two hours.

Suddenly, at around 7.00 pm, saw some huge clouds gathering in the western sky. Winds started blowing and could see some lightening. I was feeling happy that some rains are coming. But suddenly, the speed of the winds increased and could hear the typical sound of a storm. Within minutes it started raining…torrentially with high speed of winds and lightening, almost like a cyclone.

In Baghdad, we have a very delicate communication system. The dust storms, rains etc. makes us isolated from the rest of the world as our internet connection goes for a toss. Even the TV reception becomes very bad. Either there will be a message “No or bad signal” or there will be so much of pixeling, which is not only irritating, but also a pain in the vital part of the body. There is water-logging everywhere. Baghdad is not equipped for rains. The storm uprooted a big tree near our house blocking the road. The guards started to remove it to clear the road.

Suddenly, I found that our small, prized mango tree has also fallen down. I called Saad, the boy who works at our house. We managed to put the mango tree in standing position and tied its stem to a pole, for support. Hope it will survive. But, many of the flowers have fallen down – victim of the thunderstorm.

I had never seen such a thunderstorm in Baghdad and it reminded me of Ranchi, where we used to have lots of rains, lightening and thunders. I was also missing the hot pakoras that we savor during such rains, in India.

Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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