My Blurred Days

When I sit on my rocking chair
And stroking lightly my hair,
I get a glimpse of my forgotten days,
A light sight of my blurred days.

It’s a long time we last met
Those days we were all set;
The same place, the same cafe
We used to meet everyday.
The life was awesome
You’re beautiful and I was handsome.

Then one day
As one should not say
The things changed
And I got arranged;
I know that was our fate,
Though I could try, but it was late.

Well what happened
Was not wrong,
My life was again a little song,
With my new notes of my wife and child,
But, one note I always missed
Was the old note when we were wild.

It’s twenty years I have seen,
Ever since I have wondered
Where you have been!

I hope you have a family though
We both are bounded as you know,
But once again I wish to meet and say,
I loved my blurred days.

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