I stepped ahead a level up
With my sight straight and heads up;
A whole bunch of memories left behind
In some corner of my mind.
My dad always tell me to have Arjun’s aim
But I am not Arjun so could not follow the same,
And hence of course
I went out of source;
But I could always find
Someone in person or in mind
Whenever I was to have fallen
Or found myself in an empty hall
And pulled me back
From the dark
And tell me very politely
“You are not free of responsibility.
I cannot see you in dark
And then regret that I could have pulled you back.”
This person was my mom
Very stiff and strong
This let out a spark
And I learned to bark
At anything that would lead me to dark
Or the way that does never return back.
I may have done too much bad
That would have made everyone sad
I was not able to choose
As I was a lot confused.
But now I am not the same
I have learned to get my aim
And stick to my words.
This makes me feel like a sword.
I will not thank my parents,
But will thank HIM who gave me my parents.

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