Reunion with schoolmates

During this visit to India, I was very busy in connection with admission of my son for MBBS. This made me visit a number of cities like Kolkata, Allahabad, Varanasi, Gangtok etc. I was running short of time and I had to return at the end from Gangtok to Baghdad directly without visiting Ranchi. It was good that Jaya and Babai were with me.

As the last date was finalized, I informed Satya on July 29th that I will be visiting Delhi for several hours and if possible we can have a get together with some of our school batch mates. He was very happy and immediately proposed his house for the venue on July 30th and informed the local friends.

After passing out from the school in 1980, we all went to different colleges for studies and lost contacts, in the process. We did not have mobiles or internet to remain in touch during those days. Later on, soon after finishing my masters I joined Punjab National Bank as a Management Trainee and was posted out of Delhi. Thanks to Facebook, we could trace and connect to each other.

As my return schedule is finalized, I informed Satya that I will be in Delhi for several hours, before I catch the early morning Etihad flight for Abu Dhabi and also that we can meet for couple of hours. It was very kind of Satya to arrange a small get together at his house, at such a short notice. I had some very special time at his house with him, Supriyo and Pulak. Also, Pulak and Supriyo came to Satya’s house to meet me.

It was great to meet Satyabrata, Pulak and Supriyo after a long period of 31 years!!! The best part of it that we never felt that we are meeting after 31 years! It was superb to go down the memory lane with school friends. To make the moments memorable and to share our photos with our other friends, Satya was ready with his camera. Later on his wife Runu also joined us.

Thanks to Satya & Runu for hosting our get-together at their residence.

Supriyo, Pulak and I with Runu
With Supriyo, Pulok and Runu
Satya, Supriyo, Pulak and Indro
With Satya, Supriyo and Pulok

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