The Festive Season

The sky is blue
And the Sun is bright,
The clouds overhead,
Are soft and light;
Thus the autumn comes in
With a gust of
The smell of flowers,
And their showers,
All over the season is burst.
The hearts are happy,
Light and gay,
Washed away
With the Sun’s ray,
Because the autumn brings,
The festive springs,
Tied to it with strong strings!
The sound of Shankho,
And that of dhak,
Lights the heart
With a lot of sparks!
But months before
The Festive season,
Everyone is ready with season,
Are out for shopping
And all day hopping.
It spares no male or female,
Though the shops never go out of sale.
A month before starts the preparations,
Going from door to door
For collecting donations.
With that money
We built pandals,
Where the committee puja handles,
And also the Goddess idol is bought
And welcomed heartily as it is brought!
With that starts the puja,
Of our Goddess Durga.

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