Durga Puja 2011

In the evening of Maha-Ashtami, we went to Swarn Vihar for Durga Puja and the Sandhi puja that was performed at 1.15 am today. There were some cultural programmes in the evening. Some local singers of Jamshedpur presented  their songs. Jaya is a patron to this puja. She inaugurated the puja committee souvenir in the evening. It’s a great honor for her. We got assocuated to this puja through Mr. Provat Mukherji. He is like my elder brother. He helped us a lot in getting the flat at Jamshedpur. Both Mukherjida & boudi are great persons. We respect them a lot.

I like to see the Sandhi puja especially if it is around midnight. 108 lamps are lit and anjali is offered with 108 lotus flowers. A very divine experience! We returned to our hotel room after the Sandhi Puja.

On the day of Mahanavami, Babai and I went to Swarn Vihar by 11.00 am. I offered the anjali. I also sat for performing Homa there, along with Mukherjida and two other persons. It was a nice divine experience performing Homa on the auspicious occasion of Mahanavami. After, the Homa, we took the Bhog and returned to our hotel.

Then we again returned to the pandal for the Mahanavami evening prayers. In the evening the local women danced to the tune of dhak. We returned to hotel early, around midnight as Jaya was not feeling well.




Today, we went to the pandal for Vijaya Dashami early as we have to leave Jamshedpur early so as to reach Ranchi on time. There may be vehicular restrictions on the Mango Bridge in the afternoon. We want to avoid the situation. Jaya performed the “protima-baron” and then we took lunch there and immediately left for Ranchi.

We had our bhog and then left for Ranchi after paying our regards to Mukherji-da and boudi.

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