Sushi dinner at Sakura

We stayed at The Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi this time. This is our second stay at this hotel. It is conveniently located and quite a nice hotel.We liked it. Babai is very much interested to have Sushi in dinner tonight although he has tasted it elsewhere in the buffet breakfasts. This is his first experience of having an exclusive Sushi meal in a Japanese restaurant.

Chef is preparing Sushi

We ordered for soup, sushi rolls and noodles as Jaya also accompanied us to the restaurant. Jaya does not like to experiment with her foods and raw fish? She will never accept. But, she has been nice enough to share the table with us at Sakura. Jaya took the soup and noodles. The Chef was preparing the sushi rolls at the Sushi bar. We went for a live demo and the Chef was kind enough to explain the things and show its preparation. He also offered Babai and me some fish roe for tasting, free of cost. Thanks, Chef!

The preparations at Sakura were quite nice and we enjoyed our dinner.

Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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