Mocha Frappe at Barista

Jaya and Babai have left for Gangtok in the morning by Air India flight to Bagdogra and then by taxi from there to Gangtok. Babai’s class is starting from today. I am waiting as my visa is awaited from Baghdad. As per Ms. Huda, Secretary to the CEO, it is expected today. It has been delayed by a several days causing me to overstay in Delhi.

Have nothing to do now, just to kill time alone. Babai’s HP laptop has crashed and it is showing some hardware problems. So, I have given my Dell Inspiron Mini laptop to Babai. I am now compelled to browse net via my mobile. In the afternoon, I therefore decided to go for a walk in Connaught Place to rejuvenate my old memories and having a look around.

I had almost two rounds of walk. Feeling much better while walking. In the evening entered Barista. To beat the Delhi heat thought for something cool and so opted for Mocha Frappe.


While enjoying it, checked for emails. Great,the visa has been emailed by Huda! So, I can leave for Baghdad as per my re-scheduled programme at the dawn of October 12th. Texted my thanks to Huda and Mohammed for getting it done and sending me.

Returned home and had a good, warm shower in the bath tub for relaxations.

Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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