Diwali in Baghdad

Indian Embassy made arrangements for celebration of Diwali at their residence in Baghdad. We all gathered there in the evening. Some local Indians were also present there besides local Iraqi employees of Indian Embassy with their kids. The Embassy performed Lakshmi puja in the day. Raj Kumar put tika on everybody’s forehead. Even some Indians came from Al Anbar. They are in the Lanco project constructing a power plant there.

Diwali is a festival of lights. So, candles were lit around. Diwali cannot be complete without fireworks. Everybody participated in the fireworks. The lights and fireworks symbolizes the destruction of darkness with lights. May the Almighty illuminate our lives and remove all the darkness. There was a good display of fireworks for about one hour. We all enjoyed there. The local employees of the Embassy were enjoying more in the fireworks than their children!

2011-10-26 18.48.47

2011-10-26 18.52.34

2011-10-26 19.03.25

The other most important part of Diwali is gambling. How can the cards game be far away. We played several rounds of Flash (Teen Patti) before the dinner was laid.

2011-10-26 18.34.00

The evening ended with a lovely dinner consisting of chicken biryani, chicken curry, aloo gobi, fruits and sweets.

Happy Diwali!

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