Jarawa women forced to dance — shameful

In what is a glaring evidence of what tourism has reduced the indigenous Jarawa tribe in the Andaman Islands to, a recent video released by the UK-based daily The Guardian, has been the centre of outrage. It shows females of the tribe — some bare chested, and one naked, trying to cover herself with a polythene bag containing grain — being asked to dance by an off-camera policemen.

Anthropologists believe that the Jarawas are descendants of “some of the first humans to move out of Africa”. Since the Andaman Trunk Road has cut through the area, where the fairly isolated tribe lives, the tribals have been reduced to beggary, often asking for food and money from tourists.

The Indian government has asked the Andaman and Nicobar administration to explain the incident. The Andaman and Nicobar Administration cannot hide themselves behind the date of the video. The fact is that it has been happening under their nose and they failed to take necessary action to stop selling simplicity and nudity of primitive tribes to wealthy tourists. The administration is supposed to prevent any outside contacts with Jarawas as per the Indian laws. The administration feels that they are complying with the laws by just putting up the sign boards on the roads at the entry points, asking people not to offer food to tribals and not to photograph/videograph them.

All those involved in the inhuman exploitation of poor tribals, whom they should protect must be given rigorous imprisonment for life. They have converted the tribal reserve area to a zoo and are treating the tribals as zoo animals for bribes. This is a shame! The culprits must not be shown any clemency.

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