A parrot in our house

We had a cute guest in our house this weekend. Ahmed Zaki, one of our colleagues in TBI requested us on Wednesday to keep his pet parrot with us during this weekend. On Thursday, he kept his parrot at our house in the afternoon. He was going to see his family in Erbil.

Mr. Zaki was a bit apprehensive and said that the parrot makes noise in the morning or if any one approaches it. However, I found it to be a nice one and soon it became quite friendly with me. It used to respond also to my whistling and after one or two encounters accepted me well. It did not make any noise or caused any disturbance, while it was in our house. But, it was not eating well due to change of its environment.

This parrot however is not of the talking type. May be, it is yet to get trained to talking.

We had a nice weekend playing with the parrot. Mr. Zaki returned to Baghdad tonight and took it with him. I felt relieved as the parrot was not eating properly and any longer stay would have caused it to fall sick.


  1. Just a radnom note/FYI this bird isn’t necessarily a plucker. He’s missing feathers on his head which can be a sign of a disease like PBFD (the bird can’t physically pluck feathers there unless another bird did it to him).He is still a very beautiful and funny bird, and I wish him the best

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