Dinesh Majumdar Shishu Udayan

Jaya and I have come to our ancestral home in Basirhat yesterday. In the morning, we went to Taki to see the India-Bangladesh border. We also have ancestral connections with Taki. Taki happens to be the maternal home of my father.

It’s already well past noon when we returned from Taki. So, we had some quick showers and went to the house of our son-in-law, Badal for lunch. They invited us for lunch at their house. His parents are very nice people. They arranged several types of fish for lunch like tangra, galda chingri, mourala, bhetki etc. They know that I love fish! The fish are very fresh and tasty in Basirhat. The taste is really rare and heavenly. Since last dinner, I must have consumed more than a kilogram of fish. The taste will remain on my lips for quite long. Excellent!

There is a nice picnic spot behind Badal’s house. It was huge pond for fishing and now it’s developed as a picnic spot by Basirhat municipality — Dinesh Majumdar Shishu Udyan. It’s named after freedom fighter Dinesh Chandra Majumder, who was born in Basirhat in 1907. Badal and I went there for a quick visit, while all others were taking rest after a sumptuous lunch.

A wooden bridge to cross the waterbody


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