Epar Bangla, Opar Bangla

Last night, we planned also to visit Taki from Basirhat. It is the Indian border with Bangladesh. It is about 15 kilometers from Basirhat. A beautiful river – Ichhamati separates the two neighbouring nations. The far side of the river is Satkhira district, Khulna division of Bangladesh. Also, we have our ancestral places in Taki. Taki is the hometown of my grandmother — mother of our father.

In the morning, Jaya, Badal, Tota, Soumya, Dadubhai and I went to Taki in our car.




As Ichhamati river in Taki separates two countries, the boats on this river have to carry as mandatory the national flags of their respective countries. The Indian boats carry the Indian flags and Bangladeshi boats carry their national flags.

There are many Border Security Force [BSF] watch towers to monitor and prevent unwarranted cross border traffic/movements besides protection of our national boundaries.


As we did not have much time because we have to return today to Kolkata for our visit to Gangtok tomorrow, we just went to the Ichhamati river bordering the countries.



We had some cold drinks and returned via our ancestral house at Taki. We did not go inside the house for paucity of time. May be, we will visit there during our next visit to Taki.









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