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Al Reem Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport

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On my way to Ranchi from my Baghdad today, I arrived Abu Dhabi airport by Etihad Airways. My next flight is after almost 6 hours! So, I decided to go to Al Reem Lounge at Terminal Number 1 for some cool rest and relaxations. It’s a 10 minute long walk from the Terminal 3.


I came to Al Reem for the first time. It’s really quite nice and cool. Its ambiance is also quite good. The food variety and quality is also quite good. The staffs here are also quite courteous. The only thing is that internet access is unsecured here unlike the Etihad lounge.

2012-05-10 17.19.23

2012-05-10 17.19.09

2012-05-10 17.17.56

I also used the time by posting this from Al Reem Lounge.

Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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