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Shooting boulder zone!

While coming down to Siliguri for Bagdogra airport from Gangtok, the car slowed down. Looking out of the window on the other side found a “caution board”, which states that Shooting Boulder Zone ahead – drive carefully.

The notice board looked quite thrilling but I became careful and passed the entire stretch of the road looking up the mountain to check any boulder that may be speeding towards us. Luckily, there was no shooting boulder while we passed by. Of course Border Road Organization [BRO] is making every effort to ensure safe and smooth drive. Now they are widening NH31A. It is very difficult to widen the mountain roads with high steep hill on side and a deep valley on the other side. It’s a lot of efforts and BRO can only do such jobs better and efficiently.

Then we came across a huge traffic jam near Malli [West Bengal]. Our car waited for around half an hour then slowly the traffic started moving. The length of the waiting vehicles scared me. This is the reason whenever we leave Gangtok, I take at least 90 minutes extra in hand for such unforeseen events on the highway.

At the end, we reached the airport on time. But this time all these things took much more time to reach the airport. It is always advisable to leave Gangtok with at least 90 minute more than the required time as nobody knows what may delay you on the way.

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