A blistering hot weekend

This weekend is the hottest weekend of the season, with temperatures soaring beyond 49° Celsius in the afternoons.

The misery increased this time for me as the Air conditioning machine was not working in bed room properly. It started deteriorating since Wednesday. The room was not getting cold and I was perspiring on my work table.

Yesterday, after reaching home from office, I found the position as the same and it was very much difficult to sit in my bed room in the afternoon. It was a horrible situation. I managed to find our local bank electrician, Saeed and called him up to check. He checked and then called the Air-conditioning electrician and informed him the situation. That guy then assured to come today.

I spent the evening in our living room and came to my bed room only at the time of sleeping. The air-conditioning split vent was throwing warm air. I had no other option as there is no fan in our house. So, somehow I managed to sleep in the warm conditions. As the night progressed, the weather outside became cool and so situation improved a bit.

As the day progressed today, it became worse again. The roads were mostly empty during the day time. I kept on waiting for the air-conditioning guy, but he was nowhere to be seen. So, I spent the day in our living room. Saeed and that guy came at around 7pm today and then he fixed the problem. He replaced the capacitor also.

Now, it’s working OK and the bed room is comfortable again! I hope to get a good sleep tonight after two miserable nights.

Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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