Happy Independence Day!

On this day our country got independence from the British rule. This is the day when we were freed from the rules and regulations of the British empire. This is the day when everything changed for a better cause and people were given freedom and liberty. This is the day for which many of our hot-blooded people who gave up their lives and did not see the cumming future ahead but caused us to celebrate the day as Independence Day. But, what is this independence?

There are continuous cold wars between castes/religions and atrocities on the weaker sections, molestation of women in public, is this independence?

A demand for an independent state every year just because a group of people is the majority there! Is this independence?

An increase in reservations/quotas every year for even those who are rich, privileged and already enjoyed the fruits of reservations for at least two generations since Independence creating problems for survival of the poor families, which are considered the general category even though they earn just enough to sustain their and their families, is this independence?

The poor and middle class families, which have had neither progressed nor decreased in the 66 years of being independent and still are the ones, who suffer the most, is this independence?

A five-year old who cannot spell the word corruption but understands it, as his father tell him daily over the morning tea while reading a news paper “Aray beta aajkal corruption bahut hai, is desh ka kuch nai ho sakta”, while on the same day he is bribing the traffic police Rs 100 because he forgot to bring his helmet, is this independence?

People might be thinking why I am speaking this rubbish to you all on this such wonderful day of independence.

The point is that independence is not just a one day event to be celebrated as a memorial day for remembering the sacrifices made by all of our ancestors rather it is a birthright and must be realized and used every second of the independent life given to us. So just do not waste the sacrifice for remembering them for one day and forgetting it for rest of your life rather we all make it useful and fruitful for something more productive in this life for our great motherland.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!

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