Chowk, Allahabad

Baba was going to Chowk to buy some vegetables. I was also in need to go to an ATM to withdraw cash. It’s a hot day today and I was thinking of going to ATM in the evening. As Baba was going to market, so I also went with him. We took a cycle rickshaw from the main road near to our house.


Chowk is the main market of Allahabad. It’s a traditional bazaar selling almost everything from garments to vegetables, spices, sweets and chaats. It’s being a part of the old city the roads are full of traffic and are always busy when the market opens. Chowk is a historical point, where once stood the Neem tree where numerous freedom fighters were hanged in the first Indian War of Independence. The old church is situated here. The Grand Trunk Road passed through Chowk in its early days.

We bought various kinds of vegetables. Then went to Loknath Gali, which is heart as well as stomach of Allahabad—it serves as what would today be called a food court, for traders and shoppers. We bought masala samosas and other namkeens at Hari Namkeen.


I was missing Babai there. If he had come with us then we would have relished a glass of lassi or thandai each. In such a hot afternoon, there is no better coolant than a glass of lassi or thandai.



We returned home after visiting an ATM on the way.

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