Eid holiday comes to an end

After wonderful days of togetherness for the last 9 days, the last day has come for my holidays. Also, today is the day we are leaving Allahabad. Jaya is feeling very sad, of course as she has to take leave of her parents. It is a very sad environment at the house in the morning, with Jaya, Maa and Boudi crying.

Jaya, Babai & I are going to New Delhi today by Air India flight from Allahabad. I will leave for Baghdad at very small hours tomorrow and they will leave in the morning for Gangtok. Babai’s classes have started. Jaya is also going with Babai to see him off and will stay there for two days. Babai needs to buy a few things for his hostel requirements, which Jaya & Babai will buy in Gangtok.


Our flight for New Delhi was scheduled at 2.35pm. It will go to New Delhi via Kanpur. Baba came to the airport to see us off. Dada could not come as Guttu was to participate in a song competition representing his school. It’s a small plane – ATR. We reached New Delhi at around 5pm.


We had coffee and light snacks at IGIA, New Delhi and then proceeded for the hotel – The Metropolitan.


After checking in the hotel, we had some tea and then went for a walk to a Kali temple nearby. It’s a very old Kali temple in New Delhi. Then we walked down to Connaught Place. Babai bought some gadgets at Palika Bazar. Then we went to Dunkin Donuts for some donuts. Then we went to KFC for fiery grilled chickens and slush. We completed our dinner at McDonalds with burgers. After that we walked down to our hotel.




It’s now time to part. The worst part of the trip has come. I will leave for airport shortly with the hope of getting back with Jaya and Babai again.

Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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