Heavy rain in Baghdad — Santa’s gift?

I woke up today to a cloudy morning. Little did I think then that it would rain so much in Baghdad today. Later in the morning, it started with a light drizzle and then slowly it turned into a good rain. It rained for almost entire day continuously. It’s even raining now as I am writing this blog post.

It’s good to see rain in Baghdad as it rains occasionally here. I always think of India when it rains here. It helps me to connect to my country, my family in my thoughts. Baghdad is generally not equipped for rains. There are water-loggings at many places due to inadequate sewage system to carry the rain waters, causing bottleneck.


To avoid inconvenience to the public as most of the main roads are blocked due to heavy rains today, the government has declared a public holiday in Baghdad tomorrow. Dr. Lubna Naji tweeted a nice post rain anecdote.

Pictures of flooded streets were sent to me by my friend Rafeef. These flooded roads with stranded vehicles remind me of Kolkata or Mumbai roads after torrential rains during monsoon seasons.

The other major casualty is the satellite TV channels. Many of the channels are down due to bad or no signals. Some of the channels are running but with lots of disturbances and pixeling, which makes TV watching a pain.

Despite all these inconveniences, I like rain.

26 December 2012

The Iraqi Meteorological Organisation reported today that 6.75 centimetres (2.56 inches) of rain fell in Baghdad yesterday, which its chief said was the highest such figure in 30 years. The heavy rain spurred the government to declare today a national holiday, the fourth time this year it has been forced to do so because of bad weather. The other three were due to heat during Iraq’s boiling summer.

We however went to office today because of our annual closing of books. All our staff members attended office today despite all odds. In fact, our bank branches were open and provided complete customer service during the day.

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