It rained again in Baghdad

Since yesterday it rained in Baghdad. In fact, it rained whole night and it continued in the morning too. Continuous rains mean flooded roads in Baghdad. We started thinking that it may be a repeat of the 25th December rain, when the roads were so flooded that the Government of Iraq declared a public holiday – Rainy day! However, TBI functioned normally and served all the customers who dared to reach its branches.


It was in the afternoon that the sky was getting cleared up and later we had a bright sunshine in the late afternoon. I am going on vacation and I was expected to get my exit/re-entry visa today. But, it’s postponed for tomorrow as it was raining in the morning. Tomorrow is the penultimate day and I was praying that it should not rain like last time and the Government declares a holiday. Thank God, it’s clear now and I hope to get my exit/re-entry visa tomorrow. I am a bit tense, obviously.  Well, this is the problem that I am facing because of this rain. I take pity on all my colleagues who came to the office in the rain and returned home through the flooded streets.


Please share with me your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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