Happy Birthday Jaya!

Today’s Jaya’s birthday. Her mother was quite upset that because of her hospitalization and disease, Jaya’s birthday could not be celebrated this year. I convinced her that we would celebrate her birthday and also the wedding anniversary of Jaya’s elder brother, which is tomorrow.

Jaya’s younger brother had also come for two days from Ferozepur (Punjab), where he is working currently. He’s leaving tomorrow morning and we are also leaving for Ranchi for couple of days as we have some urgent work there.

I arranged for two cakes one for Jaya’s birthday and another for her brother’s anniversary. Jaya’s mother was still not very happy and she wanted some nice dinner to follow. I arranged for take away foods for our dinner tonight and informed her menu. She was then quite satisfied. But the poor lady is on nasal feeding and is having only liquids like milk, juices, clear soups etc.

I went to the Kali temple in the afternoon to pray for Jaya and her mother. Babai brought the cakes in the evening. It’s nice that Jaya’s two cousins also turned up at the hospital in the evening to see her mother along with their wives. So the cakes were cut in presence of all local family members.

It was followed by Dada & Boudi cutting their anniversary cake.

943018_10201177112095827_323652648_nI am happy not because that Babai & I were with Jaya on her birthday today, but the evening arrangements made her mother happy. She’s now looking forward to celebrate her birthday next year and this is what I wanted. This was my mission.

Happy birthday, Jaya! I love you, dear!

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