Saving Iraq statue

While returning from the Iqama office, our car suddenly started knocking and came to halt near Al-Zawra National Park. It slowly drudged towards the intersection. But just before that it stopped and refused to budge. There was a statue inside the park of a multi-handed man balancing a broken monolith column.

There was some problem in the fuel pump, may be due to impurities/dusts in the fuel. I was hoping that we may not have to push the car like that statue. In a baking hot summer afternoon in Baghdad when the Sun is spewing fire and the temperature is hovering around 47° Celsius, it’s definitely a no-no. After some prayers and efforts for around 20 minutes, the car obliged us by started moving. Thank God!

992919_10201656405957874_1985164491_nThe sculpture is named “Saving Iraq” statue (Nosob Inqath Al Iraq). The leaning cylindrical seal of the Sumerians supported by many hands and shoulders represents Iraqi’s resistance in the face of all challenges.

This 6 meter high statue was built by the famous Iraqi sculptor Mohammed Ghani Hikmat.

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