Mansour Mall

Since the opening of the Mansour Mall, we were planning to visit there. But after that I went to India and our visit got delayed. Today, we planned to go there. Wisam came to our house at around 12:30PM to see us. He said that he was free and can go there with us. So, we went to Mansour Mall with him.

Indoor shopping malls are a staple in neighbouring Persian Gulf countries but still rare in war-ravaged Iraq. Customers must file past metal detectors and armed guards in camouflage, and get pat-down checks in separate male and female rooms.

Wisam came to our house in a casual dress wearing sandal. The official at the gate refused Wisam to be let in wearing sandal. He informed that he should wear shoes to go inside the mall. Surprised! A dress code in a mall!

We walked back. Wisam bought a pair of shoes from a pavement shop and then we entered the mall. Once through the main entrance, we had to pass through an electric scanner and another security check.

We first headed for a juice corner as we were damn thirsty walking in a hot summer afternoon with temperature around 44°C. After quenching our thirst, we went round the mall. I was astounded by the amount of people walking in the mall. There were hundreds of people eying 60 plus shops. There were outlets selling recognized brands like Koton, Ecco, Clarks and Geox, but those stores are alongside a fake “Aldoo”. That goes the same for food: there’s a “Krunchy Fried Chicken K.F.C”.

We reached the food court. We met our colleague Waseem, his wife Sura and their cute, little son. There was hardly any place to sit. It’s damn crowded. We managed to find a table for us. We had pizza and burger there. Then Wisam & I had ice creams.


Mansour Mall has an indoor amusement area for kids with a carousel, bumper cars and a roller coaster. A few steps away, parents stood in front of a giant bouncy slide anxiously waiting to take pictures with their cell phones as their kids free-fell to the ground.

After spending some nice time in the mall we returned back home purchasing some groceries for our household.

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