Breaking Bread | Alfresco, Kolkata

On 16 October 2014, I came to Kolkata with my parents for my mom’s health check up at Quadra Diagnostics, Hazra Road. My dad booked at Great Eastern Hotel in Dalhousie for our stay tonight. It’s the oldest five star hotels in all over Asia and its establishment dates back to 1840s during the East India Company rule in Kolkata. The hotel has been in top charts since then. The location of the hotel is very good as it’s in the heart of the main business district of Kolkata. All the big and reputed companies have their establishment around.

The hotel is quite huge with three separate restaurants. One of them is on the lobby named Alfresco, which is a multi-cuisine restaurant accompanied with a café. We walked in there for our dinner. Well it is a very beautiful restaurant. As the name literally suggests ‘outdoor’, all the arrangement is to suit like sitting in the outdoor porche or tent with circular glass cane table and cane chairs complimented with sweet chirpings of birds making you feel sitting at a garden in the open. The ambience made us feel good. My mom was tired of the journey started feeling refreshed there.

We had a hard time discussing the menu since there were a lot new dishes on the menu card. Finally we settled for ‘mushroom cappuccino’ soup for my dad and me and my mom had ordered for hot n sour soup as she doesn’t like mushrooms.

As the name mushroom cappuccino soup it was served in a coffee cup, yah truly in a coffee cup with cookie shaped baked breads! The soup was made up of like a paste of mushroom and served exactly like cappuccino. The froth and color was very much similar to the coffee we generally have at the café. The presentation was awesome. Along with that they served some breads and green salad. Also we ordered for chicken Caesar salad which was equally delicious. But for us the star meal of the diner was the ‘posto murgi’ which we ordered in the main course. The concept of posto (poppy seeds) murgi (chicken} was awesome. We had before posto with vegetables but posto with some non veg item was really novel. The taste was even more delicious than I had expected. The innovation was really appreciable. Along with that we had preserved breast chicken which was chef’s special. It was a chicken steak along with steamed omelets.

Lastly we had fresh lime soda (sweetened) before leaving the restaurant. The food was so great that I would say that this place should be visited once again and enjoy the foods here. I’m loving it!!!

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