Falcon Gold lounge, Bahrain Airport

This time while traveling to New Delhi from Baghdad, I took the Gulf Air flight. I normally prefer the UAE based airlines for convenience. Gulf Air doesn’t service Baghdad on Sundays. Etihad and Emirates haven’t yet started the service since the shooting incident. So, the transit point is Bahrain International Airport. Although it’s quite an old airport but other airports in the neighbourhood have developed at a faster pace. While on flight I read a Bahraini newspaper, where the king has decided to go for modernization and expansion of the airport.

Bahrain International Airport was the first airport to open in the Arabian Gulf. The first chartered flight landed in Bahrain in 1927, followed by regular commercial flights between UK and India from the 1930s. Since then, the airport has served as a midpoint linking the East and the West, utilising Bahrain’s strategic location in close proximity to key markets in the Middle East.

I am now sitting in Falcon Gold Lounge. It’s the Gulf Air’s First and Business class lounge at Bahrain International Airport. Gulf Air is the national airlines of Kingdom of Bahrain. It’s a nice lounge with contemporary setting. The personnel here are quite friendly. A panoramic view of aircraft taking off and landing provides a diverting backdrop to the sleek minimalist Arabian style incorporated throughout the lounge. Elevated seating areas offer comfort and privacy to guests. It offers offers a place of serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of the departure area. One can have a view of the main apron from the lounge.

I have to spend seven-hour layover time here. That’s a lot of time! So I thought of blogging while sitting in the lounge and sipping hot coffee. Yes, the wifi in the lounge is quite good.

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