Dancing traffic lights for safety

Waiting at a traffic light to cross the street is boring and annoying, especially when there are no cars and you’re in a rush. Pedestrians often ignore the “red man” at pedestrian lights in order to cross the road sooner. We’ve all done it while waiting for a traffic light to turn although it’s not the safest move. Unfortunately, this sometime leads to accidents. Yesterday, I got the below video on my WhatsApp sent by one of my friends. I liked the concept and so googled to know more about it.

The Smart company invented an innovative way to keep the would-be scofflaw pedestrians of the world safely entertained while they wait to cross the street: a dancing traffic light. The company built and installed a “dancing traffic light” at an intersection in Lisbon, Portugal this summer. The traffic light projected a red-figure dancing to music rather than the standard static figure. The figure is a low-res representation of people dancing in a nearby booth. The dancing figure was conceived as a means of keeping pedestrians entertained while they waited to cross the road. An element of gamification was introduced to the concept by allowing people to be the dancing figure and thereby contribute to the project.

The company reported that 81 percent more people stopped at the red light when it danced. May be in future, we will see “red man” dancing at all traffic signals if it adds to road safety. A nice thought, indeed. Is India learning?


  1. In India it is a far cry. People simply cross roads at there will in complete arrogance. We don’t need dancing lights but a strong armed unit to control both J-walkers as well as motorized traffic. I would go for canings on the spot as punishment. We need to instill a fear factor to discipline the masses.

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