Bijoya Sammilani-cum-School Reunion, Delhi, 2015

While returning to Baghdad, I was in New Delhi on October 31. My flight to Dubai was at 4.00 am. My schoolmates arranged a Bijoya sammilani for our 1980 batch on that day so that I could also join. It was arranged at Barbeque Nation in Vasant Kunj. As decided, we all assembled there at 7.30 pm.


The ambience is hip and lively, the food is scrumptious and the service is zippy. The food is tasty here. They put live-grill directly on our table so that we can grill your starters and savour them while they are still sizzling! Although, we can choose from a selection of meat, seafood or vegetarian delicacies, we mainly went for prawns. In main course, they had a large varieties of items, but we were so full with the starters and kebabs while gossiping, enjoying, living every bit of our fun-filled moments and sipping whiskey that we straightaway went for desserts — ice creams, gulab jamuns, cheese cake, kalakand, mirchi ki halwa and of course, the kulfi. And there is no Bengali celebration that ends without a plate full of sweets.




Niladri, Manojit, Tapas, Pronab (Lasora), Satyabrata, Me, Aranjit, and Pulok


It was a great get-together as we all went back to our good old days of late seventies. At the end, Niladri and Pronab dropped me at hotel. It was then 11:30 pm.

Happy Bijoya! Shubho Bijoya! শুভ বিজয়া!

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