Met a batchmate after 35 years!

Subhro Roy and I were together in school in New Delhi. We passed out from the school in 1980. I went on to Delhi University for my graduation in Mathematic while Subhro went to the then Soviet Union for studying engineering. A couple of years ago, we got connected through Facebook and were in occasional touch through email or messenger service. He was working in a multinational engineering company in Saudi Arabia. Recently he is transferred to Dubai.

Subhro Roy

I went to Dubai a week ago for official meeting. He was then in India for his family engagements. But he was returning during the course of my stay in Dubai. We met in the evening of the last day of our meeting — December 10. We drove to Dubai Marina. It’s a nice weather in Dubai. We talked a lot about our school days, our old friends and these 35 years. We walked by the marina and then returned to the Dubai Marina Mall for dinner.

The restaurants were all crowded and we wanted to sit at the terrace for a cool al fresco dinner. It seems that entire Dubai wants to enjoy their dinner on the terrace. There was an Indian cuisine restaurant — Zafran, which assured us a place on the terrace after 20 minutes. We had our typical North-Indian style dinner there — Naan, fish tikka, chicken tikka butter masala along with lime soda with mint.

Picture with Subhro

After dinner we went around the mall and had coffee at Starbucks inside the mall. We hardly realised that it was past midnight. Subhro drove me to my hotel. I returned to Baghdad next day and my flight was at 5 pm. Subhro said that he would come to me again in the morning.

Subhro called me around 11 am that he was arriving at the hotel shortly. I hurried down and checked out from the hotel. We then went to the Mall of the Emirates. We strolled around there and had lunch together at a Thai joint. Then Subhro dropped me at the airport at 2.30 pm.

It was a great feeling meeting my old school classmate after a gap of 35 years.


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